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I’ve had the honor of having Ryan on my podcasts one, two, three times.

Ryan Carson on stage

I’ve started tweeting a lot less and started just . . . I disengaged from social media a lot and it’s because I feel like I’m not focusing on the people who will matter to me when I die. Maybe it’s having kids or something that does this to you but I’m like, “Oh my gosh. There’s a core set of people in my life who I care about and if I do not connect with them, and I connect to my Twitter followers, what the fuck am I doing? It’s just crazy.”

I have so many people to love, and I mean LOVE, in my life. And I guess I had to hear Ryan say it like he said it (26:35) for me to get it. Twitter, Facebook and social media are a means to an end, to create relationships, and share our thoughts and share moments … not every thought, every moment.

I want to spend less time sharing me with people that are not in that core group of people that I love in life.



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